"The Tragedy of Jan" is one of the best performances of the off theatre!

Breaking news! The spectacle “The Tragedy of John”, whose the producer is the Warsaw Stage Society, he found himself in the strict the final of the Competition for the Best Performance of the Independent Theatre “The Best Off”!

To compete in the second edition of the competition “The Best Off” stood as many as 142 premieres from 2018. The jury selected 14 final performances. How emphasized the members of the commission: “The second edition of the competition only strengthened convincing the jurors and organizers that off-screen theatre is an extremely unusual phenomenon interesting and valuable. (…) the verdict agreed after long deliberations is the result of the evaluations of individual jurors and the need to illustrate the complexity and the diversity of the phenomenon of Polish off”.

We are glad that the performance “The Tragedy of John” or “The Tragedy or the Image of the Death of the Holy John the Baptist the Messenger of God” based on the play by Jakub Gawatowice directed by Waldemar Raźniak was appreciated by both the audience and critics. We keep our fingers crossed for further successes of excellent artists associated with WTS!

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