Little Thunder. Polish translation of texts.


Because I am the first and the last. 
I am revered and despised. 
I am a harlot and a saint. I am a wife and a virgin.
 I am a mother and a daughter.
I am part of my mother.
I am infertile and have many sons.
I am the one whose wedding is wonderful
and I don't have a husband.
I am an obstetrician and midwife.
I am a relief for my labor pains. I am a bride and a bridegroom.
And it was my husband who gave birth to me.
Because I am knowledge and ignorance. 
I am shame and audacity.
I'm shameless, I'm ashamed.
I am a force and I am afraid. 
I am war and peace. 
Look at me!

_THIS PATH / TA DROGA (Hildegard von Bingen, own translation)

This road is not long, but it is deep. You don't just have to follow it, you have to be willing to throw yourself at it.

_TU ES IGNIS/ YOU ARE FIRE (Raymond of Capua, The Life of Saint Catherine, translated by Kalikst Suszyło OP)

You are a fire that always burns, never goes out; You are the fire that consumes in the heart all the selfish love of the soul; You are the fire that removes all the cold and gives light.

_RISCALDAMI / WARM ME fragment of a prayer to the Holy Spirit (St. Catherine of Siena)

May your love be my ardor and light. 

_THE ETERNAL FEMININE (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Writings from the War, translated by Katarzyna Sobiepanek-Szczęsna and Gabriela Jeleńska)

I was created when the world was born.
Before the coming of the ages, I came out from the hand of God...
In the initial diversity, I was supposed to be a force that focuses and gathers.
I'm the one who shows beings how to merge into one,
I am the fragrance that attracts and leads them, 
without coercion and tenderness, on the way to unity.
I am the one who sets everything in motion and ensures cooperation. 
I am a beauty traversing creation to connect and organize;
the ideal given to the world so that it could ascend. 
I am the Eternal Feminine.
I was the bond that holds together the foundations of the universe...
My being extends to the soul of all creation...
I am the magnetic force of universal presence and the constant pulsation of her smile. 
I open the door to the whole heart of creation; I, the Gate of the Earth, the Initiation... 
By the Grace of divinization, my soul elevates the body. 
Those who constantly want to possess me must change with me...
It is God who is waiting for you in me!...
I am the Eternal Feminine.

_PROMISSED LAND / PROMISED LAND (St. John of the Cross, own translation)
My only occupation is love.

_TOGLIMI IL CUORE / TAKE MY HEART (Raymond of Capua, The Life of Saint Catherine, translated by Kalikst Suszyło OP)

Take away my heart, make me one in You.

Truly, Father, I live without a heart. As far as I feel anything, it seems to me that my heart has been taken away. The Lord appeared to me, opened my left side, took out my heart, and walked away. I understand that the human body cannot live without a heart. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. For a while I lived heartless.
One day, while I was praying, a light from heaven suddenly surrounded me, and the Lord appeared in the light, holding in His holy hands a human heart, but radiating red. When I fell to the ground at the appearance of the Creator of light, the Lord approached me, opened my left side again, put my heart in his hands, and said, "Behold, dearest daughter, as I have taken your own heart from you before, so now I give you my heart, which will be the source of your life." After these words, he closed the hole in the side. However, an oblong scar on my body remained in this place. 	 		 		 	 	 		
Don't you see, Father, that I am no longer the one I was? That I turned into another person? If you knew, Father, what I feel, and if everyone knew and felt like me, I firmly believe that no one would be so hard that he would not soften, so proud that he would not humble. But what I say is nothing compared to what I feel. 
I feel such joy and rapture in my heart that I wonder how the soul can still hold on to the body. Such heat is in my soul that material fire seems to cool rather than warm, to be extinguished rather than burning. This fire purifies my virginity, and so does humility. It seems to me as if I was only four or five years old. In the same way, love of neighbor is kindled in me, to the point that I would very willingly and joyfully give my life of flesh for every neighbor.
If you knew, Father, what I feel! But what I say is nothing compared to what I feel! 
_VIDI ARCANA DEI / I SEE THE MYSTERY OF GOD (Raymond of Capua, The Life of Saint Catherine, translated by Kalikst Suszyło OP)

I see the mystery of God

_MYSTERIUM / MYSTERIUM (Raymond of Capua, The Life of Saint Catherine, translated by Kalikst Suszyło OP)

You are a mystery as deep as the sea; the more I search, the more I find, and the more I find, the more I seek You. But I will never know peace; what I get will make me want more. 


Greetings Queen, Mother of Mercy,
life, sweets and our hope, be greeted!

_ANIMA CHRISTI / SOUL OF CHRIST (Raymond of Capua, The Life of Saint Catherine, translated by Kalikst Suszyło OP)

Soul of Christ, sanctify me, Body of Christ, save me
The Blood of Christ, Drink Me, the Water That Washed the Wounds of Christ, Wash Me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me, O good Jesus, hear me
Hide me in Your wounds, Embrace me so that I am not separated from You
Defend me from a treacherous enemy, At the hour of my death, call me and make me come to You

_THUNDER PERFECT MIND ( Nag Hammadi, trans. That. Jaruzelska)

I am controlled and uncontrollable.
I am a relationship and a solution.           
I am perseverance and weakness.   
I am a descent, and people ascend upwards towards me.                 
Do not hate my obedience
nor love my abiding in weakness
Do not ignore me and do not underestimate my power.
Why, then, do you despise my terror and curse my pride?
Behold, I am present in all fears and I am courage in trembling. 
Why do you hate me in your meetings? Is it because I am silent among those who are silent?
Behold, I will appear and speak
You, listeners, hear me!        
I am the one who cries!
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