Recording of the summer concert in Sinfonia Varsovia is now on youtube!

Who did not visit this year in the concert pavilion at 272 Grochowska Street in Warsaw’s Praga district for concerts organized by Sinfonia Varsovia? There is an opportunity to make up for it!

“Sinfonia Varsovia to your city” is one of our favorite summer festivals. It was initiated in 2001 by the then director of the Orchestra – then still homeless, circulating between the best concert halls, and the hall of the Railway Technical School, where everyday work took place…

The festival was to be a gift of the orchestra for the inhabitants of Warsaw, a celebration of music in its various forms. The initiative has become a permanent part of the cultural capital and for several years Sinfonia Varsovia has been inviting us to its own Prague thresholds.

In 2020, the traditional cycles of chamber and orchestral concerts, as well as family mornings were joined by an unusual series close to our hearts: Experimental Tuesdays. appeared on the stage. Ensemble Garage, Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble or Paweł Romańczuk’s Małe Instrumenty ensemble.

We invite you to return to one of the August evenings and the concert, during which the premiere of “Sea of Prism” written by Rafał Ryterski for hashtag Ensemble sounded. The Warsaw Stage Society was a partner of the event – we are proud of it and extremely grateful!
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