Love is the most important thing!

We are pleased to invite you to a unique concert on the occasion of the upcoming Papal Day. Already on October 14, after the Holy Mass at 17 in the church of St. Andrzej Bobola at ul. Rakowiecka will perform a piece by a young promising composer Tomasz Labun entitled: “The most important thing is love.”

The oratorio “The most important thing is love” was created in tribute to the Holy Father John Paul II. The music was written by the composer, arranger and conductor Tomasz Labuń, who already has a rich compositional output, including many sacred works. “The most important thing is love”, due to the high emotional load and effective instrumentalization, always enjoys a warm reception of listeners.

The choir of the Warsaw Stage Society will be accompanied by the classical Wind Quintet Favori (flute, oboe, French horn, bassoon, clarinet). In the soprano part we will hear Agnieszka Piass, and Grzegorz Soja will perform as the narrator. The text of the narration, in which the poetry of the Pope and the poem J. Słowacki, developed by a member of the brass quintet Katarzyna Soja.

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