Cardew – Krych – Bargieł

We are pleased to announce that soon as part of the “Warsaw Autumn” we will perform, probably for the first time in Poland, Cornelius Cardew’s song “Treatise” (“Treatise”) in the version for the vocalists’ band.We invite you on September 18 at 22.30 to Cafe Kulturalna!

“Treatise” was created in 1963–67 and is inspired by the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Cardew’s work is unusual in that it allows absolute freedom of interpretation. However, the condition for performance is for musicians to create their own language, including ways and rules for reading notation. From 193 pages of graphic score, we have selected 60 that we will present during the “Warsaw Autumn”. The score consists of lines, symbols and various geometric and abstract shapes, which we will translate into the language of sounds and movements. In the first one, we will be led by Lilianna Krych, Liwia Bargieł is responsible for the choreography.

Admission. Welcome!

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