"All our children are…

… Kasia, Michael, Małgosia, John” – this is how Majka Jeżowska sang to the words of Jacek Cygan, and on the occasion of Children’s Day we would like to introduce our faithful 8-year-old fan, who accompanies us at almost all musical events.

As the WTS choir has been around for 14 years and some of its members have been with us since the very beginning, their children have been showing up at concerts and rehearsals for some time. And there are more and more of them every year!

One of the children of our band is 8-year-old Hania, who goes to the first grade of a music school and plays the cello, but most in the world she likes to draw. And since he does not miss almost any of our performances, he sometimes finds inspiration for his drawings in them. Here – in front of a crowded audience – we sing Bach’s Jan Passion in the basilica at ul. Kawęczyńska.

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