Advent Mokotów Music Salons

On December 20, the second – this time Advent – concert of Mokotów Music Salons took place. Thus, the project was successful. Congratulations to the coordinator – Zosia Smolarska!

The hosts of the meeting were Magdalena and Stanisław Mrówczyńscy from Warneńska Street. The concert consisted of carols and pastorals: “Gaudete” (Scandinavian carol in Latin from the fifteenth century), “I am a hoopoe”, “An angel told shepherds” (edited by Witold Lutosławski), “Kanyześ Jesus” (highlander carol by Wacław Geiger, words: Aniela Stapińska), “With a carol” by Piotr Maszyński (words: Maria Konopnicka), “Silent Night”, “Hello Star of Gold” by Zygmunt Noskowski (words: Stanisław Rzętkowski), “God is born”, “Lulajże Jezuniu” (edited by Witold Lutosławski). Zofia Smolarska – the performer and coordinator of the project – was accompanied on the piano by Marta Guzik.

The evening was complemented by singing carols together with the accompaniment of piano and guitar and a delicious apple pie. Thank you very much to the hospitable hosts! In memory of the second concert of Mokotów Music Salons – several photographs.

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