Weinberg at the Polin Music Festival

On February 26, on the youtube platform and Facebook of the POLIN Museum, the premiere of a special concert filled with music by the excellent Polish-Jewish-Russian composer Mieczysław Wajberg will take place. The Warsaw Stage Society is a partner of this event.

We are very happy to support the newly established Institute of Them. Mieczysław Weinberg – founded on the initiative of outstanding artists – violinist Maria Sławek and flutist Ania Karpowicz, and editor and translator Aleksander Laskowski.

This first “institute” concert will take place exactly on the 25th anniversary of the composer’s death, and the performers will be:

Maria Sławek – violin

Ewa Leszczyńska – soprano

Misha Kozłowski – piano

Marcin Zdunik – cello

We invite you to read more information on the POLIN Museum website:


Ania Karpowicz with Polityka's Passport

We would like to congratulate Ania Karpowicz – an excellent artist, flutist, curator, initiator of musical ventures – on receiving the Polityka’s Passport in the Music category!

In November, we witnessed and co-produced one of Ania’s last premieres – Zofia Dowgiałło-Zych’s piece for flute and electronics, performed during the Audio Art Festival in Krakow.

We are happy and wish this Passport to open all borders!


Recording of the summer concert in Sinfonia Varsovia is now on youtube!

Who did not visit this year in the concert pavilion at 272 Grochowska Street in Warsaw’s Praga district for concerts organized by Sinfonia Varsovia? There is an opportunity to make up for it!

“Sinfonia Varsovia to your city” is one of our favorite summer festivals. It was initiated in 2001 by the then director of the Orchestra – then still homeless, circulating between the best concert halls, and the hall of the Railway Technical School, where everyday work took place…

The festival was to be a gift of the orchestra for the inhabitants of Warsaw, a celebration of music in its various forms. The initiative has become a permanent part of the cultural capital and for several years Sinfonia Varsovia has been inviting us to its own Prague thresholds.

In 2020, the traditional cycles of chamber and orchestral concerts, as well as family mornings were joined by an unusual series close to our hearts: Experimental Tuesdays. m.in appeared on the stage. Ensemble Garage, Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble or Paweł Romańczuk’s Małe Instrumenty ensemble.

We invite you to return to one of the August evenings and the concert, during which the premiere of “Sea of Prism” written by Rafał Ryterski for hashtag Ensemble sounded. The Warsaw Stage Society was a partner of the event – we are proud of it and extremely grateful!


"Tempus imprefectum" – premiere of Zofia Dowgiałło's work at the AudioArt 2020 festival

On November 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the Music Hall of the Academy of Music in Krakow, Zofia Dowgiałło’s work for flute and electronic media “Tempus imprefectum” will be premiered. Ania Karpowicz will perform on flute and compost, Zofia Dowgiałło, on harp. The event is part of the 28th edition of the Audio Art Festival, which will take place in Krakow on November 13-22, 2020. The concert will be broadcast live on The Audio Art Festival Facebook.

“So what is time? If no one asks me, I know. If I try to explain to the questioner, I do not know,” notes St. Augustine. Is time, measured in seconds and minutes, in breathing cycles or in rhythmic units, exactly the same in all cases? Zofia Dowgiałło’s work “Tempus imprefectum” is a reflection on the nature of time. It highlights various ways of organizing the temporal course of the work, developed in the music of past eras: golden ratio, axis of symmetry, imitation technique, added value, acceleration, density, difference and repetition. However, at the center of this narrative remains man – the main witness of his own passing.

The collaboration between composer Zofia Dowgiałło and flutist Ania Karpowicz dates back to 2011. The artists constantly meet to explore the sound possibilities of the flute and harp together, creating the project “Fl:Ar:Art”. They were guests at the Poznań Music Spring, AudioArt festivals, as well as in the Concert Studio of the Polish Radio and performed the concert “Rezonant Czerwony”.

Concert program:

Zofia Dowgiałło – Tempus imprefectum* 15′ for flute and electronics

Myrto Korkokiou – Behaviours 15′ for flute and tape

Wojciech Ziemowit Zych – Flarea 10′ for flute and harp

Zofia Dowgiałło – Spektr-Ar 15′ for flute, harp and electronics



Ania Karpowicz – flute

Zofia Dowgiałło – harp

Realization of electronics:

Tempus imprefectum – Zofia Dowgiałło

Zoffi Dowgiałło’s work for flute and electronic media was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, obtained from subsidies established in games covered by the state monopoly, in accordance with Article 11 of the Polish State. 80 (SEC. 1 of the Act of 19 November 2009 on gambling, as part of the “Composing Orders” program implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

Aspern Suite Salvatore Sciarrino – premiere of the video clip

Soprano Joanna Freszel, contemporary music ensemble Hashtag Ensemble, director Pia Partum and video artist Aleksandra Ołdak joined forces in the preparation of an unusual video-clip or video-opera to the music of Salvatore Sciarrino.

Already on October 30, at 22:15 on the Hashtag Ensemble youtube channel and Facebook channels: ours and the Hashtag Ensemble team you will be able to watch the effect of this extraordinary cooperation.

Although the music recordings took place already in July, the work lasted until the end of October. Editing and mastering of the sound material (Michał Bereza), then recordings of the visual layer and its final editing took place made our autumn, although pandemic, unusual and busy!

Salvatore Sciarrino’s music has been a field of cooperation between conductor Lilianna Krych and director Pia Partum for several years – its ethereality, extremely precise form and sophistication inspired both artists to realize the m.in opera “Luci mie traditrici” during the Warsaw Autumn Festival 2016 and New Opera Days Ostrava 2018.

We are looking forward to the reaction of the audience and – although online – we are counting on a warm reception!

Friday, October 30, 2020 – Hashtag Ensemble youtube channel – online premiere – Salvatore Sciarrino – Aspern Suite

Vermillion Calm – world premiere of the Japanese opera Keiko Fujie in Wrocław Bakery

This Saturday, September 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the theatre hall of the Bakery there will be a long-awaited world premiere of the contemporary opera by the Japanese composer Keiko Fujie entitled “The Japanese composer Keiko Fujie”. “Vermilion Calm” A unique opera combining contemporary European theatrical thinking with traditional Japanese theatre.

A sophisticated cocktail of contemporary European music, jazz, opera and Japanese traditional improvisation. A poetic – like haiku – libretto by Lauren Randolph dealing with eternal transience, love and death.

The main role will be played by countertenor Jan Jakub Monowid, whose voice became the inspiration for Keiko Fujie to compose the entire work. The other co-creators are internationally recognized outstanding artists, m.in: guitarist Kanahi Yamashita and world-class Retsuzan Tanebe – virtuoso shakuhachi – traditional Japanese bamboo flute; as well as the outstanding mezzo-soprano Urszula Kryger. It is directed by Pia Partum, set design by Magdalena Maciejewska and choreography by Agnieszka Dmochowska-Sławiec.

The partner of the event is the Institute of Im. Jerzy Grotowski in Wrocław. Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the “Music” program implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance. The honorary patronage is held by the Embassy of Japan in Poland.

Saturday – September 19, 2020 – 19:00 – Bakery – Centre for Performing Arts (ul. Prince Vytautas 62-70) – Wrocław. Next performances: 20 and 21 September 2020.